NEWZEROL Steps Counter Accessories Compatible for Pokemon Go Cellphone Pedometer, (USB Cable) (Support 2 Phones) Quick Steps Earning Device- Black and Pink

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  • Suitable for Pedometers, various Smart Phones and Smart Watchs.
  • Smooth plastic material won't scratch the Poke Ball Plus, Pedometers, Smart Phones and Smart Watchs. And since improved with the metal wheel both sides, you won't be annoyed by noise. It can hold 2 phones on the Support plate with the Rubber band at the same time to help you and your family to earn steps together quietly.
  • Basic function: Poke ball plus can be shaked automatically and you will earn 7000 steps per hour easily! (TEST Model: Poke Ball plus)
  • Application 1: Tie the Poke ball plus to the shaker, earn steps easily to exchange the daily reward without going outside as the game requsted.
  • Application 2: Can be used for Mobil Pokemon Go, swing your phone and earn steps to hatch your pokemon more quickly.